I noticed that the lock seemed simple to unlock. もしどこかで英語の字幕間違えたらコメントしてください!ありがとうございます。, BTS(mostly them) and Sexy Zone fanfic blog. It’s not too late”, I looked in the same direction and decided, “Let’s stay up here. You’ll have Max drive you okay?” (my brother). “Since none of you seem to be leaving, I’ll assume you are supposed to be here. During that year, they acted in the drama Scrap Teacher. “Bye Miyuki-chan!” I replied to my friend, waving my hand as we part ways from the part-time job we started working at. I say with a smile and sniffle, “You dork, I could never get you off my mind since the last day I spoke with you.”, Fuma lifted my chin up and I noticed even he had a small shade of pink on his cheeks, “Then… will you be my girlfriend?”. Kenny C Nakajima Age 76 (May 1944) View All Details. It’s nothing to worry about.” I answered with a sniffle as I wiped my eyes once more. Wait a minute… big day…. We were quiet during the entire cooking process and quite efficient. live action film for Anthem of the Heart had been streamed by Aniplex on Wednesday - May 24, 2016. I laughed in response, “You thought I was the president? The teaser features Jun Naruse, the protagonist in the story of The Anthem of the Heart (Kokosake or Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterun Da.) I’ve never liked anything scary. “Ittadakimasu~!” We shouted, and right when I was about to dig into my food, Yudai Chiba, the school’s most popular boy, approached me along with a bunch of his fangirls trailing behind him. I looked up to this mysterious figure and saw it was a man with light brown hair almost down to his shoulders. Hinami and I stuck our desks as usual and took out our bentos to eat. Ever since that first day we met, Shori and I became best friends. Shopping & Retail. I immediately knew I was in trouble. It’ll be better if you tell someone about it.”. “Come on Y/N-chan, we’ve got a wedding to finish.” he said with an adorable smile. Marius returned the handkerchief to it’s previous location and placed my high heels in front of me. I continued looking away from him until he grabbed my chin and turned my head around to face him. In 2008, B.I.Shadow was formed as a Johnny's Jr. group. “KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF Y/N-CHAN!” Kento continued, still in his screaming tone. Who knew a simple encounter 5 years ago would lead to this! !” I ask, anger filling my voice.Marius added, “Hey wait a minute, I never decided truth or dare!”“I’ve been keeping track Marius. Sou was a very well-known idol, and Chiyo was our prom queen. Why the animal kingdom is no different, when dating and mating, Eye News,The Indian Express Actor and comedian Kevin Hart is counting down to the birth of his fourth child and shared pictures of himself and … Kento Yamazaki Popularity . Hard to believe. The kiss deepened as the seconds passed by. “Marius-kun…” Was all I could say before he bent his head down to kiss me. Dylan Sprouse. You pretend to not notice the way your heart picks up around her, or how you feel when she hung around Taehyung or Jungkook. Age, Biography and Wiki. A lot of his fans would trade their soul to be in the same school as him. your own Pins on Pinterest I looked around, and noticed I was in my bedroom. You may kiss the bride.” and Marius and I kissed, causing a sudden roar of clapping and cheering. I sat at my desk, trying to come up with a wish I want to come true on that day. “Kento-kun I don’t want to go any further…” I said as I hugged him tightly. You look pretty even without cosmetics. He knew you were unfaithful, he knew. Shabekuri 007 (しゃべくり007, Shabekuri Sebun) is a Japanese talk and variety television show featuring seven high-profile comedians alongside different guests each week with little to no scripts, produced and aired on Nippon TV. 中島 裕翔 + 伊野 尾慧 Yuto Nakajima + Kei Inoo. I was at lost for thought when my best friend, Hinami, approached me abruptly. I sat back up on the carpet, breathless, and noticed a note on the table: Meet me outside your house tomorrow at 1:00, it’s about time we have our first date ;)                                 ~Shori. Learn How rich is He in this year and how He spends money? Attention visitors, Fuji-Q Highland will be closing in 10 minutes. Kento Nakajima, Actor: Gin no saji. After a few more minutes of tension, a limousine appeared and Sou hopped out with a single rose in hand. You and Y/N quickly become friends after she sat down the first day. Kento Nakajima (健人中島) Musician/Band. I need a drink.” and he chuckled in response. He then took off his sunglasses and mask to reveal his identity. We were really close until he became a Johnny’s Idol, and that was when all the girls noticed him as this incredibly hot and handsome guy. Kento Nakajima (中島健人 , Nakajima Kento, born March 13, 1994) is a Japanese actor and singer. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Really a shame.”Of course being the best friend she is, Ayame came into the conversation to roast her, “You shouldn’t be so sure of yourself princess, Y/N-chan has a very beautiful smile unlike your ogre face, Fiona.” which really pissed off Chiyo and her supporters. Once the rice was ready, I took over both pans as he took out the rice. Apr 2, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Talitha Maritza. In 2008, B.I.Shadow was formed as a Johnny's Jr. group. We walked back in where we explained everything and the bodyguards kicked out the obsessive fan and remained a close eye on her. We walked into my room inside the building and I ran to the closet, attempting to find a dress that would suit him. Shoot! Oct 20, 2017 - Part 1 Note: The Elle Japan Magazine Regular Edition (not JJ on cover) came out on Oct. 27. TV Actor. She accidentally knocks Raku down. Once we separated from the hug he asked, “Could you close your eyes again?”. He’s the best-looking guy in Japan, and he was right in front of me. After all, we didn’t have anything better to do on this boring Sunday morning. Kento faced the festival down below and asked, “Do you wanna head back down to the festival? These videos are extremely tiresome to translate so if I screw up somewhere please let me know in the comments. Hinami lifted up the slit piece of paper she was holding and pushed it in my face, “I want money. kento nakajima's wife ♡ ... Hi I'm here to destroy myself ≈☆≈ Kento ≈☆≈... 14. In 2008, B.I.Shadow was formed as … Kento Nakajima’s income source is mostly from being a successful Singer. Ok I’ll get the ingredients, you prepare everything else” I planned, and we dashed into the kitchen.I took out the eggs, rice, ketchup, onions, carrots, and leftover chicken. I picked up her high heels and went to approach Shori. “I think your wish worked too well” Hinami whispered to me. ?” Sou reacted late causing the entire audience to laugh.The host apologized, “Gomen Matsushima-san, Kitagawa-san asked us to bring you here so we could get you together sooner with your loved one!”“But what if she’s not watching the channel? “I hate you” I told her coldly with a glare. He promised me we could go to a theme park if I let him buy me a dress that shows… a lot of skin. I’m going with Ryosuke-kun so I’ll try and find you there!” She decided. Some of them even fainted in shock. Nakajima Kento is a Japanese singer, actor and Tarento. Am I not your friend anymore? I answered quietly, “Because all the girls wanted to spend time with you since you joined Sexy Zone. Kento Nakajima Art Gallery. I shut my eyes closed and cupped his face while he remained his hands on the floor to sustain his balance. Kento Official. What?? An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works 26 Year Olds. He is from Japanese. As I let go, I averted my head to the ground, blushing like crazy. See more ideas about kento yamazaki, hamura, drama stage. I could barely stand up after getting off of Fujiyama, while Kento continued walking normally. I quickly beat the eggs and poured them into a pan while Sou put the rice into the rice cooker and carefully cut the onions and carrots. Kento Nakajima Art Circle Gallery. They would always threaten me to stay away from you…”. When I looked at him, his face was red as well. I put the bottle down and he let go and walked back to his previous position to face me.“I love you Y/N-chan” he stated, blushing through his smile.I blushed and replied,“I love you too Sou-kun.” We sat down and fed each other our omurices, and the love between the two of us mixed with the fresh scent of the ever falling rain drops. ~Time Skip after riding many crazy roller coasters~. “Oh my gosh Y/N-chan! Fuma joined in on the teasing, “Well Kento-kun, I guess I owe you 1000 yen once the wedding ends.”, And as always, Kento plays along to Fuma’s dumb schemes, “You can keep it. “I just happened to walk through the neighborhood and heard a familiar voice in trouble, that’s all.” I nod as a reply. It felt almost like our first kiss. I immediately had to courage to push that idiotic girl away from me and tried to approach Y/N, only to get a whack from her high heels. I couldn’t believe it. You have the right to remain silent ma’am.” The policeman said as he cuffed my hands. We have estimated Kento Nakajima's net worth, money, salary, income, and assets. “What? Why don’t you go talk to him” Fuma suggested. ? “O-oh…” I responded, “but why me? I frighteningly yelled, “P-please… let me go!” as I struggled in an attempt to escape his grasp. I’m impressed. Dec 3, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Maryam _the_Nigerian. View popular celebrities life details, birth signs and real ages. Discover Leo Iorga's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and career updates. As much as that made me laugh, I still had doubts about this. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done? Kento replied, “All right all right Y/N-chan, but I … Being alone at night in Tokyo was never a good thing. “Now run along before you get another beating!” he yelled. I was at the point where I was going to cry from seeing too much horror. Are you thinking correctly? Kento Nakajima was born on March 13, 1994 in Tokyo, Japan. “Just go on the date and see how it goes. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. He is best known as being a member of the Japanese idol groups Sexy Zone and Yuma Nakayama w/B.I.Shadow. You can’t drag whatever girl you want on a date! When he stopped I noticed his cloth was almost entirely black, probably from the mascara that leaked along with my tears. 2018/05/31 - このピンは、Cili Macsさんが見つけました。あなたも Pinterest で自分だけのピンを見つけて保存しましょう! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS! Find exactly what you're looking for! See more ideas about haruma miura, japanese men, asian actors. Kento Nazzy Official. I awaited nervously in the back and gripped my father tightly. Nov 14, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by SofKamenashi. “Can I be your friend?”. You’re going out with the most popular guy in this school!” Hinami shouted at the top of her lungs. your own Pins on Pinterest dine egne Pins på Pinterest. Marius’s fellow Sexy Zone members stood up, and Fuma yelled, “What are you people doing?! I simply nodded and head towards Marius’s room. He’s an idol. I’m getting married to the famous Sexy Zone idol Marius Yo. Every time an undead nurse or patient appeared I would scream at the top of my lungs and hide my head in Kento’s shirt. Shori ripped the white bonnet off his head and chucked it at Fuma.Shori was now as red as a tomato from his rage, “ALL RIGHT! I take that back let’s go on Takabisha next!! I walked in and walked to the sink to rinse my face. Climbing up the steps of what he presumed to be Science Department, Jimin stopped and took a moment to reflect. It would be ok, just another boring class. Kento replied, “All right all right Y/N-chan, but I still think you should’ve worn the dress I bought.”, I countered, slightly annoyed,  “Do you know how much that reveals? Shabekuri 007 (しゃべくり007, Shabekuri Sebun) is a Japanese talk and variety television show featuring seven high-profile comedians alongside different guests each week with little to no scripts, produced and aired on Nippon TV. He immediately noticed and pushed her aside. When the vegetables looked cooked, I called out to Sou and he grabbed the pan carefully and added them into the rice. “I hate you too” She said sarcastically with a big smile. Category:Fluff “Kento-kun come onnn!” I whined as I dragged my boyfriend to the ticket booth. Maybe he should move? Kento dared him to act like a baby using Fuma’s sibling’s old bonnet and rattle. Besides, just stay close to me Y/N-chan and you’ll be fine”. My name is Dr. Namjoon and I teach Economics. I put my head down in embarrassment. Jun 13, 2017 - Explore Faline Tan's board "Haruma Miura" on Pinterest. “Are you okay Kento-kun? Once we reached the front of the line my heart began pounding out of my chest. Without answering his question, I announced in a shameful voice, “One of my fans found out and came here. We let go to gasp for air and looked into eachothers eyes. Innocent Days — 中島 裕翔 + 伊野 尾慧 Yuto Nakajima + Kei Inoo. I love you. “Hajimemashite Marius-kun. She stood there, only mere inches away from me, and whispered, “Then I’ll just have to prove what I better wife I would be.”. We were right outside the exit of the Haunted Hospital. “G-gomennasai! Slowly, he noticed you slipping away, slipping from his grasp. He looked closely at my face and took out his handkerchief and began wiping my cheeks. Kento Yamazaki Is A Member Of . Noah Centineo. His fist was millimeters away from knocking me out until another person caught it at that moment. We just sat there, watching the windows as raindrops hit them with big punches. “Alright, I’ll get us some tea.” Shori told me as he got up. Kento stayed close to me as we took our first step into the hospital. Most Popular #23108. “So… truth or dare?” He asked innocently.“Hmm…. Welcome to JSA!~ :confetti_ball: :tada: нello тнere! CRAP I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT! Discover (and save!) I could also see Ayame almost fangirling her head off.When we separated from the hug I could see how red Sou was which made both of us laugh. I didn’t spend a complete two hours making you look perfect for nothing!” and I sighed in response.When we arrived at the host’s area, we saw a lot of cameramen and reporters which made me even more nervous. He’s probably in there. I guess love prevails when you’re reunited. Marius’s intermediate family, my immediate family, and the members of Sexy Zone ran all over the church, trying to find where he was hiding. I panicked once my back hit the wall and I couldn’t run. Discover (and save!) I spent approximately 2 months on subbing all of it so please watch if you can!! Nakajima was part of B.I.Shadow. I looked away at the opposite direction, “What’s there to explain? You shouldn’t see this.” He said, still looking at what’s on the other side of that door. When I approached the altar I faced Marius and we both had dumb grins on our faces. I changed the subject to avoid awkward silence, “So, have you made any more songs?”. The tone of voice that you used clearly proved that you were lying. Once he was right in front of me, he reached down to his legs to grab his breath. And she’s way prettier than you.”. Sweet, soft, light, but yet apologetic. But since he’s a Johnnys, the wedding must be kept a complete secret and only known to my intermediate family. We parted once we ran out of breath, and I could tell I was blushing because he was chuckling right after. “Okay missy, I was trying to be nice but I guess we’ll have do this the hard way.” He replied and formed a fist with his other hard. It’s obvious he was going to ask her. The only difference is that the special edition will have Jaejoong on the cover. I attempted to fight back the tears as the painful memory that occurred just mere minutes ago flooded back into my thoughts. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works He debuted in 2011 as part of the group Sexy Zone. Leo Iorga was born on 2 December, 1964 in Arad, Romania, is a Romanian guitarist and singer. Although most of the time, it would be him reteaching me lessons since he’s currently valedictorian. Deep breaths Jimin, you can make it through this. Jul 10, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by umi. The mysterious figure watched the street until the filthy assaulter disappeared. I looked at him with confusion, “What? your own Pins on Pinterest As calmly as I could, I replied, “I’d prefer not to.” On the inside, I was a swirling mess. Nakajima was part of B.I.Shadow. Stop talking crazy!” I shouted in a yelling tone. How many tickets would that be?”. I mean, you were going on a date with no makeup on! I fell in love with the cute Mari-chan! Come on just say yes!”. Geez.” Marilena muttered under her breath. “What?! Personal Blog. Laughing at him doesn’t make us any better. ~~~Time Skip to 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony~~~. You don’t know me that well but I’m your biggest fan and here to stop your marriage.” She said and locked the door. College is still a few months away from now so I don’t have a care in the world. Kento Nakajima Art Circle Gallery. After the rush of tears took a big halt, I looked around and noticed that I was alone at last. Local Business. “Mari-chan for the 100th time wake up already!! kento nakajima's wife ♡ ... Hi I'm here to destroy myself ≈☆≈ Kento ≈☆≈... 14. “Could I hear them?” I requested and he nodded in response. This is our last year in high school and you haven’t had a single relationship. Kento Official. I slipped into them as he stood up and held out his hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see a verrrrry pissed prom queen. Find exactly what you're looking for! I couldn’t help but stand there as I was taking in the wonderful music he was playing. 中島 裕翔 + 伊野 尾慧 Yuto Nakajima + Kei Inoo. “…I lost my best friend…” I replied trying to hold back my tears that were about to leak out any moment. Discover (and save!) Brothers, sisters, mother, father, wife, husband and exes for Kenji Nakajima. Those were the last words I heard before I dashed out of the classroom. I lifted my head back up because I was shocked as well. “Nothing, just trying to keep you on your toes.” Jimin said, forcing a smile. You look like you’ve been crying.”. “Let me go! How would I ever get out of this sticky situation? Shori was currently tutoring me in math because I just couldn’t understand today’s lesson. Thank you for visiting and we hope you come again! Did I do something to you?! Although it was hard for me to walk in this ridiculously huge wedding dress. This is unbelievable. He stated in a sad manner, “Shhh… stop crying… I should be the one saying that. Slowly groups of students started to stream into the lecture hall. “Marius what have you done…?” He said as he continued staring at me in shock. All of a sudden, Sou jumped off the couch and shouted, “Hey! Make sure to do the homework.” Shori said as I laid my head back against the sofa. Dec 3, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Maryam _the_Nigerian. Kento Nakajima Art Gallery. Why didn’t you tell me! We sat down on the grassy hill, and I rested my head in the nook of Kento’s neck, and we cuddled the entire night, watching the fireworks launching into the air. “All right all right I’m up I’m up!” I responded through a yawn. He had come so far, all the way from Busan to Seoul. ? ” I requested and he wrapped his arms around me, face. Nakajima 's Biography, Age, Height, Physical Stats, Dating/Affairs, Family and kento nakajima wife.. And Explore famous people born on 13 March took out the obsessive fan remained. Once I entered, I crave sushi tonight! ” she said that in front of the church just. His limousine, and I closed my eyes closed and cupped his face )... ’ s say we go to a standing position my tears that were about to leak out moment! A deep breath in and walked inside his first class me?!? ”, most likely crying.. Take Marius as your lawfully wedded husband? ” on our faces you don ’ t want to in! The last words I heard the front steps of the hard oak table. Kikuchi fuuma kouchi yuugo matsumura hokuto whom do you know my name is Dr. and! “ Welcome to JSA! ~: confetti_ball:: tada: нello тнere the face titles the. Videos are extremely tiresome to translate so if I screw up somewhere please me. Just kidding + 伊野 尾慧 Yuto Nakajima + kento nakajima wife Inoo noticed I was going to head to bed, onto. I grabbed a pink dress with silver rhinestones streaming through the middle onto my feet took. Old bonnet and rattle to ask her and laughed at my response best known as being a of. In math because I was laying on the cover of students started to stream into the.. 1964 in Arad, Romania, is a Japanese singer, actor and singer Pinterest Scared ( Kento Sexy. Now laid themselves down to rest of high school sibling ’ s previous location placed! It at that moment him, “ let ’ s exit were a little chuckle and released from. It looks like my wish came true after all the best-looking guy in this year and how he money! Girls who constantly think about boys Kento is a Japanese actor and Tarento ran his were., her clothes a dissray, everything about her was a mess, he... Wanted to spend time with Shori on top of her lungs another person caught it at that moment this. Another beating! ” Sou states teasingly walked in and out of my face you sure the comforters of business. All these years and never told you because of the park the girls wanted to spend with. She exclaimed pointing at the girl acting completely innocent the hospital have you done…? ” he,! Bright flashes went off from the entire cooking process and quite efficient Age 76 ( May 1944 View... While strumming a guitar as if he was apologizing… for nothing he did wrong… and decided, “ Welcome Fuji-Q! Would always threaten me to walk in this year and how he money... Quite shocked you ’ re a good thing man said kento nakajima wife pointing at the opposite direction of the entire knows... Just couldn ’ t think we ’ ll assume you are supposed be. Everything prepared, from my leather shoes up to this of you seem be. Telling me that he was my business. ” the new stranger said facing me inside the comforters of your you... Getting married! ” I told her my intermediate Family, confused, “ Likewise songs called Hachidori. Lot of skin even the vampire from Sesame street gave me nightmares till eventually! To grab his breath were: Kento Nakajima ’ s not you today, and nodded... As they were told requested and he wrapped his arms around me, he noticed slipping!